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Christopher Webb - Ambulance Marketing Consultant

Social and Professional Networking for EMS: LinkEMS.com
Christopher M. Webb

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FaceBook is great for finding friends, and LinkedIn is great for finding jobs but neither is geared toward both functions and they're certainly not limited to the EMS industry.

The new EMS social and professional media site LinkEMS.com (which already has over 2,500 members) launched in late June allows EMS professionals to not only connect with each other but with EMS and Ambulance agencies as well.

The site, still in its BETA phase, brings EMS professionals and EMS jobs together in a way that's both fun and easy to use. Currently offering online resumes, job postings, friend requests, and messaging, the site is still in its infancy with a laundry list of features soon to come.

We're envisioning LinkEMS.com to not only be a place to find jobs and people but to do a long list of other great and interactive activities geared strictly towards the EMS industry. Some of the features coming soon include:

  • EMSiq - Test your EMS skills and knowledge against other EMS professionals across the country. Earn points and be recognized with profile badges and scores designed to let other members and companies know you're the best

  • Online Continuing Education - Need some CE hours? You'll be able to get them at LinkEMS.com soon!

  • Prepare for State and National exams - Our teams are currently working on developing exam preps for every state exam as well as national exams.

  • Set Yourself Apart - Earn a contributor badge for writing articles, providing knowledge to others, as well as collaborating on the site in a list of way

  • Create a web presence for your ambulance company (five web pages) for free!

  • Post jobs, take applications, and advertise on the strictly EMS network


As I said before, the site is still in its early stages but sign up and stay tuned as we are growing by leaps and bounds and expect to bring a long list of tools and activities to the site in the next quarter!

About the Author

Christopher M. Webb brings over 15 years of marketing experience through multichannel development to the private EMS industry. He is the Vice President of MiK Market Systems, the creator of EmergiTrack, the developer of LinkEMS.com, and the author of “Marketing 911” ISBN 978-1-4507-9243-1(available at amazon.com). He can be reached at c.webb@mikmarket.com or through the organization's web site at www.marketing911.net





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