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Brand Building Solutions

When it comes to building private ambulance brands, you wont find anyone better. Bringing all aspects of communications and marketing under one roof and developing an identifiable brand with one cohesive and recognizable message, our teams will work to improve customer perception, build brand loyalty, and set your company above the rest.

Business Development Solutions

With over twenty years combined experience in contract development and negotiation, our talented staff will work with you to bring new ideas and outside-the-box thinking in developing valuable service contracts to your consumers. By learning what your customers need we can helop develop tailored solutions and contracts to win market share from your competition and increase sales.

Internet and SEO Marketing Solutions

Despite its rapid growth and pervasiveness, the internet and the World Wide Web are still growing and changing every day. Today more than ever, consumers are using the internet to find, research, and review companies before they do business with them and we can only expect to see more of the same as time goes on. We'll help your company get on-track with website development, search engine optimization, soncial networking, and information distribution thorughout the information super highway.

Software and Tools

The talented people at Marketing 911 have developed the only Marketing Descision Support System and integrated Incident Reporting software in the industry. EmergiTrack, now in beta version 5.0, provides daily marketing data essential for quick response to changing trends and environmental issues. The only product of its kind, EmergiTrack allows the user to drill down not only to the facility that may be calling more (or less) but also the individual customer responsible for the change.

Education and Training

Teaching others to succeed is one of our strong points. Our educational seminars, web-based learning modules, and books provide you and your staff the tools and strategies we've used over and over to bring explosive growth to private ambulance companies nationwide. The ambulance marketing knowledge and tools you need to get ahead are but a class away!

Marketing Outsourcing

Whether you suddenly find yourself in a situation where marketing efforts need to be ramped up or you want a seasoned professional team to manage your marketing efforts for you, marketing outsourcing is the answer. Our team of professionals will find, hire, train, and manage marketing associates in your service area. By providing daily guidance and managerial oversight, we can ensure that marketing associates are meeting quotas, selling your brand, and working hard for you.




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