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Our Talent

Seasoned Industry Professionals

With over 40 years of combined ambulance marketing and general business development experience, our founders come prepared to tackle even the most challenging environments in the private ambulance industry.

Christopher Webb

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Christopher M. Webb

Born in El Paso, Texas in 1976, the only son of Robert G. and Patricia A. Webb. Robert, a world renowned herpetologist and now retired college professor at the University of Texas at El Paso and his mother Patricia, a chemistry and physics teacher, were instrumental in his success by nurturing his constant and insatiable curiosity. At the age of 17, he began his career in management by running portions of a family-owned dinner theater. Over the years Chris has served in management and marketing roles in a variety of industries including food service, information technology, and of course the private ambulance industry.

He served at Santa Teresa Fire Department as a volunteer for several years before relocating to Phoenix, Arizona. He is a proud graduate of New Mexico State University with a BBA in Finance and currently serves as the Vice President of MiK Market Systems, an ambulance marketing outsourcing firm. In 2009, pulling from his expertise in marketing and information technology, Chris began work on the EmergiTrackTM software designed to help ambulance companies increase market share and gross revenues.

In 2011, the beta version of EmergiTrack 5.0 was in use in a handful of ambulance companies across the United States and helping to increase market environment knowledge as well as positively impact sales.

In his career, Christopher has enjoyed numerous successes including multi-million dollar record breaking revenues, building an internet startup growing to almost $2 million in gross revenue per year, successfully bidding and winning numerous municipal, government, and private RFPs, and generating positive market returns for investors during the market crash of 2009.

Drawing on his education and extensive experience in computer programming and networking, finance, marketing, and print and digital media design, he has served in a variety of roles for a myriad of companies and industries since his entrance into the world of business in 1992.

An outside-the-box thinker, Christopher has been known throughout his career as a "troubleshooter" for fearlessly taking on the most challenging of problems and designing intriguing solutions to get failing businesses back in the black.

Christopher is the father of three boys, Simon, Sebastian, and Six and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.




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