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Introducing EmergiTrack: The first customer relationship and ambulance marketing program dedicated to increasing revenue for your ambulance company. Developed and refined by ambulance marketing experts, EmergiTrack is built with the small to medium sized ambulance company in mind.

EmergiTrack makes it easy to manage anything and everything related to your ambulance operations. Think of it like your business’ incident command center that delivers relevant customer details and also integrates directly into your other business-critical services. By merging ambulance run data with marketing analytics, EmergiTrack gives ambulance company owners real time feedback on the performance of their company while uncovering opportunities in the market.

EmergiTrack’s real-time analytics will assist your leadership team make smarter business decisions to increase revenue.

  • Know when runs are decreasing from any one of the facilities you serve with real time metrics
  • Ability to drill down to the specific caller inside a facility responsible for ordering ambulance transports
  • Be immediately alerted when any facility or individual caller begins calling you less
  • Monitor all marketing staff activities with time-stamped notes and logs (no more marketing people playing golf on your time!)
  • Keep all your business intelligence in one centralized location
  • Enter and track unit fueling to prevent theft and misuse
  • Enter and track all company incidents or customer service issues with our closed-loop incident reporting software providing daily email and text message alerts
  • Publish a companywide calendar for all employee access


New for 2012 - EmergiTrack can now be used as an interfacility dispatch software system as well as a marketing support system


Focus your sales resources on what counts most
One of the challenges that traditional customer relationship management systems face is poor usability. With a difficult interface for a marketing associate to navigate, successful implementation can be fragmented or not complete. Even your most senior marketing associates will lose focus and neglect basic sales principles when working with a cumbersome CRM software product. They don’t want to be saddled with a complex sales system that requires hours of administration. With Emergi-Track, every step of a sale—from phone calls and emails to collaboration with the EMS operational staff is simplified and is tracked in one place. Your marketing personnel stay on top of pending deals and build stronger relationships with their healthcare customers.

 Maximize profitable revenue growth by nurturing your customer relationships
Simply put. EmergiTrack simplifies; streamlines and strengthens your customer relationships as well as your operational processes. It provides your company with the agility to respond quickly to changes in call volume and customer service issues. Gain customers' trust by proving you understand their business – with facility data at your fingertips.

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